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1949 Stewart

In 1949 toilets started to slowly appear in some of the trailers. At that time someone at the Stewart Coach Co, Bristol, Indiana came with up the idea of a convertible bedroom/bathroom, as seen in this ad. During the day, the double bed (on hings) flipped up and there was a full-sized bathtub underneath. At night, you dropped the bed down and slept in it. Notice that the toilet remained were it to the bed! Did you use this as a nightstand? What did the persons do that slept in the center bedroom when they had to 'go' in the middle of the night? Did they wake the ones sleeping in the rear? Or did you just 'do your thing' with the sleeping person's head a couple of inches away? What if you missed the bowl (standing up), especially after you've had a few beers too much.....

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