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1950 General Trailer Coach 8 x 27

In 1950, General Coach Co., located in Marlette, Michigan, offered a 27 foot long caravan in two different floor plans. Floor plan 'A' offered a double bed in the rear bedroom. At the foot of the bed were built-in cabinets and drawers. Note how little space is available to make the bed! This model also offered one of the first bathrooms with the toilet and sink located in the shower. One could crap, brush your teeth, and shower all at the same time. In reality, you had to dry off the entire shower after usage so that the toilet could be used again. Most of the time folks just went ahead and used the restrooms of the trailer park to shower in instead. Floor plan 'B' offered twin beds in the rear bedroom with a dressing/vanity table and stool between. Of course the twin beds took up more space and that was taken out of the shower/bath. Note how much smaller this area is from the model 'A'! Both models had a nicely planned kitchen with a dining table that folded out at a 45 angle of the corner cabinet. The kitchen/living area also had a ceiling exhaust fan. Remember folks: no ACs in 1950!

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