Example Sales Contract

Date: 01/01/00

The undersigned Seller agrees to sell and the undersigned
buyer agrees to to buy the mobile home that follows:

__ 1986 Flintstone ___    Ser.#123456789__ the home is

located at the address _____
123 Bedrock Ln., lot #15, Stonehedge, Calistonia   10210 ____.

The total sales price is $ _
28,000 _.00

Down payment $ __
2800 _____.00

Amount financed $ _
25,200 ____.00

Home is to be financed by in accordance with terms and
conditions of the promissory note dated __
(N/A)_______ between the Buyer(s) and Seller(s).

Buyer(s) understand and agree to the following conditions.

1) Home is sold "as-is" conditions with no warranty expressed or implied.
2)Buyer(s) agree to carry sufficient homeowners insurance to cover the amount owed seller. Seller is to be named as the first lien position unless otherwise agreed by both parties.

3)The buyer(s) agree to pay lot rent when due to ___ Dinostone  MHP ___________ and abide by park rules.

4)The buyer(s) agree to pay all taxes on home and pay insurance bills when due.
5)The buyer(s) agree not to move the home from the
stated location above, without prior written consent from note holders.
6)The title is to remain in the possession of the note holders until final payment of this note paid. Title will then be transferred to buyer(s) free of any liens.

Buyer(s) are responsible for any cost of transferring title.

7) Other provisions and conditions

a) _________ Air condtioner stays with home_(example)______.
b) _Lawnmower transfers with home  (
N/A_______________________________________ __________________________________________________.
N/A_______________________________________ __________________________________________________.

8) The buyer(s) acknowledge receiving a copy of this sales agreement.


Buyer ___
John D. Rockbuyer _________________ (seal)

Buyer _____________________________________ (seal)

Seller _____
Henry P. Rockseller _______________ (seal)

Seller _____________________________________ (seal)

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