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Leveling a Mobile Home

Under certain conditions some homeowners experience problems with windows that will not open and doors that will not shut correctly even when adjusted. What has happened is that the  I-Beam has become unlevel because of settling of the soil beneath the home.

When most people clear a lot of land for set-up, they think that it is all right to just cut down the trees to the ground and set the home up.


 A year or two later, some sheetrock cracks may appear in the home. Doors begin not to close correctly and windows become stuck shut.

The problem starts when the roots that are under ground begin to rot and the soil shifts to fill the gap left by the decay.


 A 1/4 inch shift in the soil can leave a large area of the I Beam unsupported.



Picture Picture

This I- Beam lacks support.

If an I - Beam is sagging or does not have support, it needs to be leveled to avoid structural damage to the home.

To accomplish this you will need to attach a plastic tube to the bottom of a five gallon bucket or other suitable container.


Slowly add water to the bucket until the water level in the plastic tube reaches the bottom of the I - Beam on  a correctly supported pier. This will be your level mark!


Center and support a mobile home jack into place, and raise the beam until it reaches the water level mark.

Check the windows and doors while jacking the home to find the best level to correct the problem.


Slide wedges into place until they support the I-beam level when the jack is removed.

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