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Manufactured Housing today is an opportunity, open your eyes to affordable housing.

The home is driven on site and is moments away from its final resting spot.

The pilings are cut squarely and tied together to form a solid foundation.

The crane will use supports to distribute the weight of the home. Some homes weigh  more than 30,000 pounds per side.

The stairs are finished the driveway is in, there is still lotís of work ahead. But, for the price per square foot itís worth it!

Some folks have asked about putting a mobile home on stilts. It can be done, expenses are greater, but the rewards can be well worth it!

In one long smooth continuous motion, the object is to place that home on the backside of the piling foundation.

The pilings are driven into ground by a pile driver, thatís the thing on top of the pole, it requires a crane.

Our first move completed it is time to close this house together.

The home will experience stress cracks in the sheet rock from normal  transport and set-up and will require repair from professionals.

Itís time for the real work to begin in setting up the home. Tying the home to the piers, enclosing the roof.

The crane will not move, it will stay in one spot during the move.

Work has begun with the deck, railing and interior trim.

This is what I call an Open House!

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