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Buying and Selling a Mobile Home

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Buying a mobile home!

If you are buying a mobile home, this section will be a helpful guide to purchasing your home.

The first thing you must consider is how much you are willing to pay each month.


A rule of thumb, one week’s salary is what you should pay for your monthly housing expense and no more!

If you have flawless credit, there are bankers that will allow you go over the rule of thumb because you have proven to meet financial obligations on time as promised.

 If you plan to buy a mobile home, remember that you are going to have to pay someone for the space the home will be setup on.

That may be a park owner, a lot owner or the bank.  Unless, if you are fortunate enough to receive land from a relative or you have had the land already.

The second thing you must consider is calling mobile home parks in you area.


You should start your search calling mobile home parks, talk to the managers and see if they are aware of any homes in the park that are for sale. If they do, you will be able to ask what the lot rent is a month and what services are included in that price.

Pre-owned homes are much cheaper than new homes but may fit your budget best if you are just starting out or live on a small budget.

The third thing you must do is establish if the selling price is a fair price.


Understanding the value of a home is very important. Each home should be checked over from top to bottom with a checklist. The checklist will allow you to spot any potential repairs you may have to attend to if you purchase the home. If you don’t know what a home should sell for click here

The fourth thing you should consider is looking for repossessions .


If you haven’t been able to find any homes in the local parks then you should next call local mobile home dealers. Ask if they have any “repossessed homes” or “take over payment” situations on pre-owned homes.

If they do not, ask for the name and phone numbers of banks they do financing with. Then call these banks and ask if they have repossessions in your area.

Most banks will be happy to assist you by faxing lists of homes and their locations to you.

The fifth thing you should consider is placing a “Home Wanted” ad .


You may want to consider placing an inexpensive ad in the newspaper or in our directory “Mobile Home Wanted”, most folks who are thinking of selling a home, check the mobile home ads to see how ads are listed. If they see your ad, you should be able to see some homes before anyone else does because the sellers haven’t advertised the home for sale yet!

If all your efforts do not find a suitable pre-owned home for your needs, you may want to consider buying a new home,  fresh from the factory!

The sixth thing you should consider is carrying a note pad.


It is important to take a note pad when shopping for a new mobile home, because without one the homes seam to run together and you can’t remember if it was the 3rd house you liked so much or the 7th.

You forget which livingroom you liked the most because of the position of the fireplace. So take a note book, take plenty of notes, and write down all that is said to you.

Check out the Educational Series , for a better understanding of what is all involed in setting up/ constructing a home.

Within the contract will be the price of the home, the down payment and all costs involved, along with the estimated monthly payments and the interest rate of the loan.

Any promises that have been made to you needs to be expressly written on the contract. No matter how small the detail, get it on the contract before you sign your name.

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