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Buying Repossessed Mobile Homes

Enter the market of homes that have been abandoned by their owners. It rarely has anything to do with the home itself.

repossessed mobile homes

Fifty percent of all marriages do not last these days and both individuals tend not to want to stay in the home after the break up.

repossessed mobile homes

This situation creates a home available to be purchased under terms better than usual.

The home is typically already set up and ready to occupy, minus some cleaning and vacuuming.

repossessed mobile homes

If you offer the bank or dealership outside financing, the purchase can have hidden savings. Cash to a bank, basically means they are not refinancing the home themselves. They have a large investment that's abandoned and nobody's making payments, they want to sell!

You will need a financing source that understands what you are trying to accomplish.

Learn to save thousands!

mobile home repossessions

Start your search for repossessions with a local dealer. A simple phone call asking, " Do you have any repossessed homes? "

They will let you know if they do.

If the dealer does not, ask the dealer for the names and phone numbers of the banks he does business with.

You call those numbers and ask, "Do you have any repossessed homes for sale in my area?"

The next step would be to get the locations and prices of the homes.

mobile home repossessions

Click here for a good checklist for inspecting a home

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