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Buying and Selling a Mobile Home

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Selling a Mobile Home

Financing Refinancing and Debt Consolidation

If you are selling a mobile home, this section will be a helpful guide to selling your home.

The first thing you must consider is how much you still owe on your home.

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Call the finance company and ask for the current payoff amount.


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The second thing you must do is establish the selling price for your home.


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Click here for an average “book value” on your home. However, it is highly recommended to have your home appraised by a licensed appraiser.

Home Ownership See the actual amount you give your Landlord

The average cost is 200 to 300 dollars for an appraiser to inspect your home.

Now that you know the price, you need to write an ad. Try to begin your ad with a word that starts with the letter “A”, since newspapers place the ads alphabetically. Your ad will get a top position and be seen by more people.

How to use this web site. Tips from the editor

Try starting with words like:

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“Adorable, Admirable, Accented, Accomodating, Affordable, Available”


Refer this site to a friend!

....or phrases like:

Contact Atlas Mobile Home Directory

“Above average, Absolutely beautiful, Added value, Allstar location, Appliances stay”

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Appliances stay 1984 Sterling 14x72 $14,200 call 555-0176


Now place the ad in your local paper or in our classified ads and wait for the calls. The caller will be looking for two specific pieces of information.

1) Where is the home located?

2) What time can we see the home?  

You should be ready to give directions to the home and be ready to set times for people to see the home.

 Set an appointment for as soon as possible, but allow yourself adaquate time to tidy up and make your home look its best.

Purchase “For Sale” signs for the windows of the home, one for every window that faces a street. You will need one for the yard that will allow you to place your phone number. Most buyers will find your home easily this way.

If your buyer wants the security of a home warranty,  the finance company can usually provide one for any mobile home less than 6 years old.


As a seller you have only two questions for these lookers:

How much money do they have to put down? 5% or 10%

...remember you want these people to have their own financing!


Do they have financing arranged?


99% of these lookers will need financing!

By the time the first lookers arrive you should have  contracts available and loan applications in case these folks want to buy your home on the spot.

When the lookers have had a chance to look, politely ask “when will you be ready to move in”?


Assume that they are buying the home! 

Your job could be as easy as handing them a contract and application and telling them to fill it out if they are interested.


Now, once someone wants to buy your home, refer them to a mobile home banker for their financing needs.

Once you have referred these folks to a mobile home banker.......he or she basically steps in, ties up loose ends and makes your job a lot easier.

Do not let these buyers assume or take over your payments on your current loan!


Beware, do not let these buyers assume or take over your payments on your current loan!


If the buyers do not make the payments on the home, you will be held responsible to make the payments, until the home is paid off!, that could ruin your credit rating!!

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