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Selling a Mobile Home a helpful consumer guide!

Taking over payments on a Mobile Home.

Due to various reasons, mostly due to someone having to relocate for a new job opportunity, you can take over someone’s payments on a home.

Many banks vary in their rules, but usually you can own your own home with a down payment equal to 2 or 3 of the monthly payments.

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Owner Financing Mobile Homes

Depending on your area, we are looking at down payments between $567.00 to $1350.00 (ball park range), already set up in a park or on leased space or acreage. Ready to be moved  into!

Good Deals on a mobile home

mobile homes

Land/Home Development

Start with your local dealers or brokers with a simple phone call asking, “ Do you have any homes that someone could take over payments.”

Home Ownership See the actual amount you give your Landlord

Check out the homes, if find one you like, call our bankers for financing and insurance.

Home Owner Warranties available on particular homes.

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For a good checklist  click here to go to our mobile home checklist.

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